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It’s been more than two years ago since R&B singer Usher covered the hip urban magazine Vibe. In 2008, Ursh had a lot to talk album. During that time he was promoting the lukewarm album ” Here I stand”,  His first-born son also named Usher was born, and he was always in the media  defending his marriage to his former stylist, Tameka Foster. Now in the Oct/ Nov. 2010 issue , Usher is back with another  in-depth interview with journalist Clover Hope ( dope writer)!!! 

Here’s the Usher/ Vibe cover from 08′


BowTie Alert*

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Janelle Monae’ black and white style is growing on me! Seen here with J Records founder,Clive Davis, Her uniform ( white and Black tailored tux) is giving me life!! What  I love most about this outfit is the bow tie! Bow-ties Rock! If I ever met a dude with a bow tie and BBC slip-on’s  on his feet, we’re most def sleeping together on the first night ( im kidding, okay maybe  not). Yet being a feme I peep hot unisex style when I see one!!!!

Swizz gotta baby on the way…..

so he gotta get this paper. Swizz is now in the watch business with Swizz- made watch company Audemars Piguet. Rappers are very fond of these watches including artist like  Jay-z, who have a vivid watch collection. Jay also teamed up with Audemars in 2010. Swizz says he’s serious about his new venture.  “It [the class] was six hours and it was crazy dissecting and putting together the movement in the AP, which I have a total new respect more. Not just wearing it, but the tailor movement in that thing,” Swizz said.”

Swizz is a producer/ rapper, married to singer Alicia Keys

When keeping it creative goes wrong…….

Dear Puff,

your one my favorite music  icons ever , if not fashion icons. I simply adore you. In fact your clothing line, Sean John, is one of the best  urbanwear that I actually like in the industry. With that being said, I know you have style- your from Harlem kid. You ooze swagger out the wazoo (if that’s a word). But I simply wanna slap you with my Gucci strap for wearing a damn kilt for a show in Scotland. I don’t care that you’re in Scotland my nigga, you know these pics were going to be all over the internet. You can’t do this cause you Puff! Please believe no one will follow you, Not even the blind boys of Alabama and they can’t see (sorry)! Keep it 100 love! You know this was a fashion don’t! Put your stylist on probation (he usually keeps you hot)!!!!

Just A Moment……..


source: justjared

Just a moment…….I’ve seen this look before!  Beyoncé,  are you trying to channel “I wanna dance with somebody” Whitney?? If not boo let me know!!! Hair extensions never lie!


source: thefablife

I have many beliefs when it comes to dickheads.I believe dickheads should become dickheads for a reason, they shouldn’t discriminate who they’re   dickheads to (preachers, grandmas, kids–just kidding), and most of all the they should dress like a dickhead. I have this logic that all dickheads are suppose to be fresh at all times, even when their bummy. Crazy I know, but a real dickhead knows what I’m talking about. R& B sensation Brownskin Tremaine, I mean Trey Songz is a certified dickhead, well at least in my eyes. Trey  just oozes a level of dickheaded-ness (if that’s a word) to me. So call me baffled when I went to VH1. com and peeped a segment on Trey and his style. Style? Who knew Trey had style. He most def have his moments but he’s  like fellow Virgina bred singer Chris Brown, not much substance in style. Can he sing the panties off a chicka? Sure! Is that D&G jacket the business? Of course silly, but those Rocawear pant set the whole outfit in cahoots( and not in a good way)!!!

Where The Hell Is Alexis?



Doing a Project-point for my Fashion 101 class (yeah I know) brought a breaking point for me! The project was about trend setters and I chose my style inspiration, Kanye West. While browsing for photos of Ye’ looking handsomely groomed, most of them were photos  with former girlfriend Amber Rose,  I mean Alexis Phifer! Well some would say she was an ex-fiancee’ , but that doesn’t count do it? I was in love with Alexis! She simply rocked my world. I mean Kanye is a well dressed brother, and she was actually more stylish than him.  Alexis was a fabulous girlfriend  in my head, she was a designer who didn’t talk to the press about  her relationship with Ye,’ nor capitalize off his career  like the “it”  bald-head phenom  Amber Rose! Hey I love Amber, I mean smoking nicotine with a Philly accent rocks! But this post is about Alexis Bitch!!! So where the hell is my Alexis? I want to know what she’s been up too since we last talked ( yeah in my head)! Besides, she should write a tell all book; I need to know how much of an  asshole Kanye really is ( love you Ye’) making a song like ‘Runaway’ just won’t cut it! Damn, I wonder which one is harder to find: Carmen Sandiego or this Alexis Chick ( maybe Carmen)!!!