Dear Puff,

your one my favorite music  icons ever , if not fashion icons. I simply adore you. In fact your clothing line, Sean John, is one of the best  urbanwear that I actually like in the industry. With that being said, I know you have style- your from Harlem kid. You ooze swagger out the wazoo (if that’s a word). But I simply wanna slap you with my Gucci strap for wearing a damn kilt for a show in Scotland. I don’t care that you’re in Scotland my nigga, you know these pics were going to be all over the internet. You can’t do this cause you Puff! Please believe no one will follow you, Not even the blind boys of Alabama and they can’t see (sorry)! Keep it 100 love! You know this was a fashion don’t! Put your stylist on probation (he usually keeps you hot)!!!!