source: thefablife

I have many beliefs when it comes to dickheads.I believe dickheads should become dickheads for a reason, they shouldn’t discriminate who they’re   dickheads to (preachers, grandmas, kids–just kidding), and most of all the they should dress like a dickhead. I have this logic that all dickheads are suppose to be fresh at all times, even when their bummy. Crazy I know, but a real dickhead knows what I’m talking about. R& B sensation Brownskin Tremaine, I mean Trey Songz is a certified dickhead, well at least in my eyes. Trey  just oozes a level of dickheaded-ness (if that’s a word) to me. So call me baffled when I went to VH1. com and peeped a segment on Trey and his style. Style? Who knew Trey had style. He most def have his moments but he’s  like fellow Virgina bred singer Chris Brown, not much substance in style. Can he sing the panties off a chicka? Sure! Is that D&G jacket the business? Of course silly, but those Rocawear pant set the whole outfit in cahoots( and not in a good way)!!!