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BowTie Alert*

image via rolling stone

Janelle Monae’ black and white style is growing on me! Seen here with J Records founder,Clive Davis, Her uniform ( white and Black tailored tux) is giving me life!! What  I love most about this outfit is the bow tie! Bow-ties Rock! If I ever met a dude with a bow tie and BBC slip-on’s  on his feet, we’re most def sleeping together on the first night ( im kidding, okay maybe  not). Yet being a feme I peep hot unisex style when I see one!!!!


Where The Hell Is Alexis?



Doing a Project-point for my Fashion 101 class (yeah I know) brought a breaking point for me! The project was about trend setters and I chose my style inspiration, Kanye West. While browsing for photos of Ye’ looking handsomely groomed, most of them were photos  with former girlfriend Amber Rose,  I mean Alexis Phifer! Well some would say she was an ex-fiancee’ , but that doesn’t count do it? I was in love with Alexis! She simply rocked my world. I mean Kanye is a well dressed brother, and she was actually more stylish than him.  Alexis was a fabulous girlfriend  in my head, she was a designer who didn’t talk to the press about  her relationship with Ye,’ nor capitalize off his career  like the “it”  bald-head phenom  Amber Rose! Hey I love Amber, I mean smoking nicotine with a Philly accent rocks! But this post is about Alexis Bitch!!! So where the hell is my Alexis? I want to know what she’s been up too since we last talked ( yeah in my head)! Besides, she should write a tell all book; I need to know how much of an  asshole Kanye really is ( love you Ye’) making a song like ‘Runaway’ just won’t cut it! Damn, I wonder which one is harder to find: Carmen Sandiego or this Alexis Chick ( maybe Carmen)!!!